Full Stack Development

The world has changed to a mobile-first era but even today, none of the applications could emerge as effective as the web-based apps. Surfacing on top of this is the prevalence of progressive web apps that perform functions identical to mobile apps. So, it’s pretty clear that web apps are going to stay and for long. What makes these web applications worth investing is the use of high-end scalable technologies for the development or in simpler words, using top-notch quality technology stack. No wonder, companies spend considerable time choosing the right technology stack for the development of web applications. It is this technology stack that determines the overall functionality of the applications, its interface, and potential features. Additionally, choosing the most appropriate technology stack can leverage your application’s market reach and loop towards success. Likewise, using a poor technology stack might doom the entire project to failure. So, you see how important it is to have an in-depth review of the web development stack you are about to use for your project.

Web Development Stack

When it comes to developing a web application, it’s not just about integrating an idea and giving it a visual appearance. It is far more than a non-technical individual could ever imagine. Web Development has two faces, one being the front-end development and the other being the back end. Or in simple words, the client-side and the server-side. The client-side is viewed by the user and is the front end whereas the server-side has a database application, an application that connects the client request to the database and the server itself.

For Client-Side

Our experts will allow you to create a user-friendly interactive & responsive face of the website. We offer this through our experts’ proficiency in front-end languages that include HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We understand that web design can be pivotal in making your website a success. We therefore supplement our front-end development with frameworks such as AngularJS, React Js, Vue Js, jQuery etc.

For Server-Side:

However, making a responsive website is just as important as a strong backed system. In doing so, our experts make use of reliable programming languages that include PHP, Node Js, Ruby and Python.



Using MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLServer are typical for our experts in giving you the best Database and Cache services. In doing so, we ensure great response times and swift processing for any development that we undertake.

What Can Our Experts Offer You?

Apart from cost-saving by hiring one complete solution rather than several different ones, our experts offer you much more. These could also be construed as the benefits of hiring our Full-Stack Developers rather than individual developers in Front and Back end.

Popular Stacks:

MEAN Stack:

MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js.

MERN Stack:

MongoDB, Express, ReactJS and Node.js

Django Stack:

Django, python and MySQL as Database.

Rails or Ruby on Rails:

Uses Ruby, PHP and MySQL.

LAMP Stack:

Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.